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Month: October 2022

A Long Overdue Writing Update

🍂 Weaver’s Stone Book 3 is well underway! I confess I took a lengthy break from writing after finishing Galreyva’s Heir, both to alleviate burnout and to put a small dent in my substantial pile of to-read books. (Among the books read was Rhythm of War, which of course is a big one! And a good one.) My son started school this year, so this fall was a great time to pick up writing again. Of course taking a few months off made it quite a slog at first (writing is a lot like using a muscle in that when it isn’t exercised regularly, it doesn’t work very well), but after a few chapters things began moving along. I’m somewhere around chapter 10 now, and having a blast! As with my previous books, I know some scenes will come easily while others will be hard-won, but whatever the case, I’m enjoying the process. I can’t wait until it’s ready to share with you all! This will be the last book in the Weaver’s Stone series, so prepare for an exciting time 🙂