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Chrysolin Heart

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Some choices cannot be undone.

Lyare is restored. Spellweaving is gone. It seems a victory, but when people start falling asleep without waking, Nils fears the consequences of his actions reach farther than he ever imagined.

The gods themselves confirm it: if Lyare is not stopped, he will slowly draw every person on earth under the deadly sleep. Desperate to fix his mistake, Nils agrees to undertake the task. Imbued with divine power and joined by his friends, Nils must travel far and fast to reach Lyare and set things right.

But he will not go uncontested. Kara’ni, furious at the loss of her spellweaving, seeks a different sort of magic, and if she succeeds in claiming it, she may be an even greater threat than Lyare.

As cosmic forces wreak their havoc, the earth itself trembles, and Nils and his friends must risk everything to destroy the god of rest, even though Nils has never been more certain that Lyare doesn’t deserve it.