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A Long Overdue Writing Update

🍂 Weaver’s Stone Book 3 is well underway! I confess I took a lengthy break from writing after finishing Galreyva’s Heir, both to alleviate burnout and to put a small dent in my substantial pile of to-read books. (Among the books read was Rhythm of War, which of course is a big one! And a good one.) My son started school this year, so this fall was a great time to pick up writing again. Of course taking a few months off made it quite a slog at first (writing is a lot like using a muscle in that when it isn’t exercised regularly, it doesn’t work very well), but after a few chapters things began moving along. I’m somewhere around chapter 10 now, and having a blast! As with my previous books, I know some scenes will come easily while others will be hard-won, but whatever the case, I’m enjoying the process. I can’t wait until it’s ready to share with you all! This will be the last book in the Weaver’s Stone series, so prepare for an exciting time 🙂


Galreyva’s Heir – Available Now!

The wait is over! Weaver’s Stone Book 2 is available for purchase. Find Galreyva’s Heir on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.

If you missed the first installment of Shannen L. Colton’s YA fantasy, you can get the Weaver’s Stone eBook free now through March 21st, or purchase on Amazon anytime. (Available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle formats)

The Kindle App is free, and you can read on any device.

Visit the Galreyva’s Heir page to learn more!

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Galreyva’s Heir – Coming soon!

Hello, dear readers!

You read that right: The Weaver’s Stone sequel is coming soon! And it has a title! Galreyva’s Heir is almost complete; one more round of edits will have it ready for formatting, proofreading, and finally, publishing. Keep a lookout for more updates! I can’t wait to share it with you.

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