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Weaver’s Stone

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Sometimes true love’s kiss doesn’t break the curse.

After a failed attempt at robbing Lord Dreygard, domiseer of Chanterey, Nils tries to flee from his manor and instead ends up running straight into Raeya, the domiseer’s daughter. In a desperate attempt to keep her quiet, Nils kisses her, but the guards find him anyway and he’s sentenced to death. Only Raeya’s intervention saves his life when she halts his execution with a baffling announcement. She bears a curse, and any man who kisses her dies, save one: her true love.

Which is apparently…Nils?

Now Raeya wants to marry him, Lord Dreygard wants to kill him, and all Nils wants is to escape the whole mess and return to his original plan.

He’d broken into that manor on far more than a thief’s errand. Nils knows Lord Dreygard’s secret, and he’s out to prove that the man is a traitor to the crown, and worse, a spellweaver.