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Month: May 2024

Weaver’s Stone Recaps

“Nils must escape from Dreygard Manor or he’ll end up either dead or married, and he isn’t sure which is worse.”

Need a refresher on Books 1 & 2 before Book 3 comes out? Recaps are here! But first, a word of warning: they contain spoilers. Like, ALL the spoilers. So don’t read them unless you’ve already read the books! (There is a break between them, so feel free to just read through one if you haven’t read both yet 🙂 )

-Recaps can be found here-

Reminder: If you haven’t read the books yet, they are free on Kindle through the 26th!

Weaver’s Stone (Book 1)

Galreyva’s Heir (Book 2)

Book 3 launches on May 28th! 🎉

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